One month to go (sort of)

IMG_2035The official release date for The Gutter Prayer is January, of course, but it’s less than a month to go before the Goldsboro Books edition, and the release on Netgalley – and the advanced reading copies have gone out, too. I’m moderately sanguine about the whole affair on one level – this is not my first or even my hundredth rodeo – but there’s a vastly higher degree of identification in the case of a novel.

Few people notice who wrote a particular rpg supplement; in general, people pay attention to game lines and publishing imprints, not authors, and most books have multiple writers involved anyway. Novels are a solo writing project, and my name (or some variation thereof) is right there on the cover.

So, I am totally sanguine and nervously checking twitter every 30 seconds, because that’s a healthy way to be.

There will be, by the by, an Official Launch Party at Warpcon. Details to be finalised, but expect some, none or all of the following:

  • Reading from the book
  • Q & A
  • Light refreshments
  • Ritual mockery of the author
  • Opportunity to buy the book

Fortunately for my own sanity, November’s looking to be absurdly busy. Too busy to get much of my own writing done (although the edits for The Divine Machine should be landing on my desk soon), as I’ll be alternately in Alpha Complex or off chasing The Borellus Connection. 


3 thoughts on “One month to go (sort of)

  1. Aleena is my fav. Flame them in the stupid, sweary woman!
    Sorry I will miss the launch, I will have to mock you gently at some point later in the year.


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