A Perfectly Excellent Irregularity

I have sworn a blood oath that this blog will be updated weekly.

I should, perhaps, upgrade that to the next level (marrow oath? Spinal fluid oath), and I shall endeavour to be more diligent in future… but this month’s gap is for the best possible reason.

I have a book deal!

two-book deal, in fact. THE GUTTER PRAYER +1, and it is like being invited to a wedding. News of the potential deal came five minutes into me sitting down to watch Thor 3, and everything was agreed by that evening, more or less.

I spent most of that week rechecking my email every five minutes – not because I was expecting updates, but just to confirm that I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing.

So. One big tick on that checklist in the red notebook. In fact, as my 2019 goal was “sell a second novel”, I’m technically Done With Declared Life Goals, other than the small matter of actually writing the +1.

Other work in progress has been mothballed, and I’m just shy of 40,000 into THE DIVINE MACHINE, aka GUTTER PRAYER #2, although all names are provisional at this point. I’m also not taking on any more freelance rpg work for a while (so, all I need to do is finish HIDEOUS CREATURES, SOLO, the rest of my Pelgrane stuff, some minor boardgaming fiction for Ares, and a pair of giant SECRET PROJECTs. Simples.)

But I have a deadline. Goals and aspirations and hopes don’t suit me; I fret. Give me a word count and a keyboard, and in the frantic typing what dreams may come true.



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