I’m a stretch goal (or, likely by the time you read this, an achieved goal) in the kickstarter for the new edition of the A/State kickstarter. A/State’s a sci-fi meets Victorian setting, a bizarre city ruled by corporations and guilds. Along with Blue Planet – another game from that era that’s recently been revived, A/State had a fantastic setting, but wasn’t quite clear on what you were actually supposed to do with it. It dropped you into a world and gave comparatively little guidance on where to go or what to do. I know a big part of the new edition address that (Morgue has lots of details here), but back when I played it, it was a void. So, in one game, I played with that void. I wrote up a document with a bunch of cryptic little snippets of memories – snatches of conversation, images, locations, people in the city – and cut it up, so I had

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The Pirates of Drinax

The Pirates of Drinax is up on the Bundle of Holding, and digging through my emails it’s about ten years since the project really kicked off, so let’s take a quick jump down memory lane. The initial concept for the campaign wasn’t mine – Matthew Sprange of Mongoose loves the old Sid Meier pirates game, and wanted an adventure similar to that in space. That idea was kicked around long before Mongoose ever got the Traveller license. That concept got tangled up with the planet of Drinax, which was one of my favourite bits of the Aslan sourcebook. Drinax is part Flash Gordon, part last-days-of-Byzantium, part Foundation-and-Empire – the last outpost of a dying star empire. So, the idea of a pirate sandbox campaign where you could go where you wanted and do as you pleased got mixed in with the concept of this somewhat impractically grand scheme to restore the fortunes of a vanished kingdom. The Drinax plot line

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On Titles

The Gutter Prayer was always The Gutter Prayer (well, it started out as Nanowrino2014, but that title would never fly.) The Shadow Saint was The Divine Machine for a very long time. Book 3 eluded a title for a long time. Structurally, there are two plot strands: stuff’s going on in Guerdon, and at the same time Cari’s having adventures far away across the sea. The two strands come together as the book goes on, but any title would have to fit both plot lines. The working title was Anchorhold – an anchorhold is the small cell where an anchorite, a walled-up monk, dwells, which fitted the Guerdon/Spar plot, and it felt nautical enough to cover all Cari’s ocean voyaging. However, as the book’s part of a series, the title had to confirm to the format of the other books. So, THE SOMETHING SOMETHING. I proposed a bunch of possibilities to Orbit. THE DIVINE ANCHOR THE BURNING SEA THE DROWNED FIRE

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