Cover Reveal



Official announcement here. Cover is by the wonderful Richard Anderson.  
Design by Steve Panton, and please admire that swooping R right there.
Thanks also to Peter McLean for the effusive blurb.

I came across a poem by Hugh MacDiarmid while looking for art references that’s about Edinburgh, but also applies to Guerdon.


Glasgow is null.
Its suburbs shadows

And the Clyde a cloud.

Dundee is dust
And Aberdeen a shell.

But Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream,
Fitful and dark,
Unseizable in Leith
And wilder by the Forth,
But irresistibly at last
Cleaving to sombre heights
Of passionate imagining
Till stonily,
From soaring battlements,
Earth eyes Eternity.

A draft of Book 2 is with my agent; I’ve started on something new that is not the thing I mentioned in the last blog post.

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