A Guided Walking Tour of Guerdon (6)

Now we enter Glimmerside. Stay close – this part of this city isn’t as dangerous as others, but it is… distracting. Everything’s possible in Glimmerside. It’s where the university students mix with the wealthy, where the sacred meets the profane. The alchemists have their reaction chambers and crucibles; this is Guerdon’s. Artists, philosophers, book-sellers, dealers of all sorts, sorcerers for hire, speculators, actors – Glimmerside draws them all. The steep stairs and winding lanes promise revelation and wonder around every corner!

I see you’ve noticed the foreign temples. Guerdon only opened up to the faiths of other lands in recent years – a concession to merchants and visitors from abroad, such as yourself. The authorities keep a close eye on these places – for reasons of security, you understand? With the Godswar raging across the sea, Guerdon cannot risk inviting too much of the divine within its walls. Not all gods are as Kept and safe as ours. Come, you can make your devotions to Blessed Bol once we’ve concluded our business.

I love Glimmerside most of all. The city’s transformation began here, you know? Scholars from the seminary, studying the Keeping of the Gods, learned how to tease magic out of physical substances. Before that discovery of alchemy, the only ways to use magic were sorcery and sainthood, and both of those come at far too high a price. One costs your health, the other your soul. Alchemy you can buy with coin; a much more reasonable exchange, no?

So, let us go and make some coin. There is an inn, just around the corner. A woman waits there. She has an alchemical formula, stolen from the guild. I’ll purchase it, and you’ll convey it to your partners overseas. We shall be rich beyond conception!

It’s just here. No-one’s followed us, right? I think we’re safe. I haven’t seen…


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