Goldsboro &Dragonmeet

So, this is what 500+ copies of The Gutter Prayer looks like.DtLdbQ0XoAAhpSy

It’s weirdly intimidating when your book out-masses you. It’s been electronic for so long. 

Writing your name 700 time is a lot like this:

“I’d see how many times I could sign my name in an hour, then try to beat that record.”

Many thanks to all those who’ve ordered the Goldsboro edition, and to the Goldsboro staff and Emily & Nazia of Orbit for organising the event.

After that, it was off to the well-furnished, indeed degustatory Pelgrane’s Nest for meetings, games, sticky toffee pudding, cake and Dragonmeet. The convention was a great success, and I got to pick up author’s copies of my Book of Ages and Book of Demons, as well as a bunch of other stuff (Forbidden Lands Spire, as well as modest looting of Treadwells Occult Bookstore). 

The next two months look absolutely crazy. If we could cancel Christmas and add a thirteenth month, that’d be great. Get on that, please.

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