Into the Unknown Country

As a number of people correctly discerned (intuited? wildly guessed?), the cryptic text for the contest was from Robert Holdstock’s Lavondyss, one of my favourite books. Copies of The Gutter Prayer shall be dispatched as soon as possible.

Winners (chosen randomly by die roll from the correct entries) are @_acupofcyanide, @RustyLeeMiller, and Beth of

We’re into the last week before release, so reviews have started coming quickly now. They’ve all been positive to one degree or another – some glowing, some more critical of parts. It’s taught me a greater appreciation of reviewing, and encouraged me to pay even less attention to the vagaries of the star system on goodreads!

There have also been two print reviews – one in SciFiNow, and one in SFX magazine. I must grab print copies, but for now I’ll make do with scans…

One week to go.

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