Warpcon Launch Party

The book is officially launched! Many thanks to all those who attended, many apologies to anyone who wanted a copy but was unable to get one (try all good bookshops). Thanks both many and specific to Warpcon for hosting, and Edel for the cake.

Warpcon is the local gaming convention, now in its 29th year. I first attended Warpcon 4; I was involved in organising Warpcons 7 though 12(?), and I’ve run at least one game at every con since 7. (In fact, I’ve written a Cthulhu-adjacent scenario for every Warpcon in the last 20 years…) My writing career started off with those scenarios. It’s the gathering of my clan, the turning of my year. I’m really pleased to have been allowed give THE GUTTER PRAYER a little ceremonial boost in those hallowed halls.

(Not to mention raise a little for charity – although the signed copy I donated was only a small part of the epic €13,500 raised that evening.)

Reviews/interviews/podcasts continue to rush over and around me in great waves. I shall do a round-up soon; ’til then, my twitter feed is a better place to track the madness.

Oh – and I’m pleased to announce that the UK version of THE GUTTER PRAYER has already gone back to the printers for a second run, which is wonderfully gratifying.

Onwards! Let’s see what height can be scaled before Warpcon comes ’round again!

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