Formless Things

It’s been more than a month since I posted here, for obvious and squalling reasons. I’ve spent much of the last few weeks cleaning, feeding, cleaning, bouncing and wrangling; there hasn’t been a whole lot of sleeping or writing in that time.

I have, however, finished the last (I hope) few edits to Book 2. Most of these last edits were just word clusters and minor continuity gaffes, and an oddly involved attempt to describe an office tangentially, as neither character in the scene had good reason to really notice their surroundings.

There’ll be more to come on Book 2 – I’ve seen a draft of the lovely cover art, we’re talking about maps(!), and there’ll be the inevitable pile of copy-edits turning up at the wrong moment, but the cognitive load is out of my head. So, what’s next? My initial contract was for two books, so I’m back to writing on spec with the next project.

Book 3 of the Black Iron Legacy? Dig out an in-progress novel and resurrect it? Start something new? I work best under constraints, so I may just write up a random table and throw a d20.

Of course, I’ve also got regular work for Pelgrane, Cubicle 7, Black Shamrock and other freelancing clients to get on with – not to mention the feeding and the cleaning and the wrangling…

In other news, I’ll be appearing at Cymera in Edinburgh in June. My first fantasy con in a long, long, long time…

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