Music and Other Matters

Here’s a lovely thing – Will Musser wrote a track for the Gutter Prayer, and I borrowed some of Dejan’s art to make a sort of music video.

Book 3 of the Black Iron Legacy, The Broken God, is through copy-editing. Publication has been pushed back to May ’21 because… actually, I’ve no idea why, exactly. The world is on fire.

I’ve written some stories for Black Library, most recently in Warhammer Crime.

Out soon, at least for preorder – The Borellus Connection.

Also I’m back – at long last, on a Moria project for the new publishers of the One Ring roleplaying game. Off to the word mines I go once more.

Now that I sit down to blog, I look and realise that I last updated in June. I would have sworn it was only a few weeks ago. The world’s on fire, and time’s melting. I met a friend for coffee earlier today – a last bit of socialisation before lockdown – and we agreed that everyone’s going a bit mad. The advantage of being a writer is that you can take your madness, polish it up a bit, and call it art. You don’t have to pretend everything is normal, nor do you necessarily feel the same pressure to fix it or endure it. You can observe. Isn’t this interesting, you think, I can use this. I can work this strangeness.

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