A Broken God FAQ

Some questions that are frequently or not so frequently asked.

Is this the last book in the Black Iron Legacy?

No! More to come.

I thought this was a trilogy!?

It never was. In fact, The Gutter Prayer was written as a standalone, then bought as a two-book deal with the possibility of more. Right now, I’m planning five books in the series, but all things are subject to change.

Is trilogy?

Is not trilogy. Is more than three books.

Tolkien wrote a trilogy.

Not really.

So when’s the next book in this series?

I need to write it first. Stay tuned. It’ll be focussed on Eladora again, and involve armoured trains. 

Is there a hardback print run?

Not this time, sadly.


Unknown as of yet, but fingers crossed.

How long is the Broken God?

A whopping 578 pages.

Who is this titular God, and why is it Broken?

It’s one of those pretentious titles that can have multiple interpretations. I’m going to blog about the title and the process of picking one later in the month. 

When’s it out?

May 20th, or thereabouts.

My life is bereft of entertainment and joy; how will I endure until then?

Why, by following my twitter feed and this very blog, where I’ll be putting up Broken God stuff every day until the book hits the shelves!

5 thoughts on “A Broken God FAQ

  1. If anyone else still believes this series started out as a trilogy, then I want to refer them to my reviews of the 1st two books. In my review of “The Gutter Prayer,” I said it was a trilogy. Then, in my review of “The Shadow Saint,” I mentioned the correction (and I believe I shared the link to the Tweet with the correction).

    And yes, I’m excited that this series will be 5 books long!!!


  2. Relieved to hear that there is still a chance for an audiobook. Please try to get John Banks back for book 3, as his narrations for books 1 and 2 were awesome! 🙏👍😃


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