Conventions, Houses, Holding Patterns

News! Actual content I can talk about! I’m a guest at Octocon!

Look at my smug little pre-pandemic face there. I’m really looking forward to finally making it to Octocon in person, as opposed to virtual panels.

There is much news that is unannounced and cannot be discussed.

I have been writing away, but between the above unannounced thing, and the general delays in printing, I cannot point and say “behold my stuff!”. The list of “written but unpublished” material grows ever larger.

I have finally escaped one part of the holding pattern though – we’ve finally moved into our absurdly nice new house. The brief version of the saga goes:

  1. We move out of our house in December 2019, hoping to move back in the Summer of 2021 at the latest. We’ll rent until then.
  2. Covid happens. There are delays.
  3. There are more delays.
  4. Thinking the delays are done, we move out of our rental place.
  5. More delays. We end up staying with various tolerant relatives, not to mention various tolerant hoteliers, from March until, well, last friday.
  6. Five months of couch-surfing and staying with relatives does little for my productivity. The next few months will involve immense amounts of catch-up between convention trips. But at least I have an office to work from…

One thought on “Conventions, Houses, Holding Patterns

  1. Great hearing that you’re back home! Enjoy your new life that includes an actual office!


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