Festival 42

Thanks to the kindness of my Spanish publisher, I’m off to the Festival 42 in Barcelona this week. My schedule currently runs:

03/11/2022 (17:15, Fabra i Coats): “The eternal game: the wars, monsters and great fantasy of Gareth Hanrahan“.

04/11/2022 (17:30, Fnac Triangle): “Readers’ meeting

04/11/2022 (19:45, Fabra i Coats): “Europa was a nymph: common traits of genre authors in the old continent“.

05/11/2022 (18:00, Gigamesh Bookstore): “Role and literature: Beyond the limits of storytelling with Gareth Hanrahan”

Beyond that, I’ll be wandering around Barcelona for the first time, and generally being slightly confused at everything. My Spanish is non-existent, so poor translators will have to deal with my accent and diction. Pity them, please.

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