Competition: Chocolate Giveaway

Recently, while thinking about promotional stuff, it occurred to me that you rarely see giveaways that reward the people who’ve already bought your book, so I decided to do something to change that.

So to celebrate:

I’m giving away a small cache of my favourite chocolate from Ó Conaill’s Chocolatiers in Cork City – where I’m from and on which more than a few parts of Guerdon are based.

All you have to do to enter is tweet, facebook, instagram or blog your favourite line or scene from The Gutter Prayer with a link back to this blog-post or the hashtag #blackironlegacy. (Of course, if you haven’t bought the book, but cannot resist the prospect of Irish chocolate, you can always grab a copy and tweet the opening line or something…)

I’ll pick a random winner a week from now and hope that customs doesn’t stop this delicious package from winging its way to the winner.

Many thanks to all who’ve read, reviewed and recommended The Gutter Prayer.

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