A Torrent of Days

Longer updates forthcoming – between the launch of The Shadow Saint, moving house, freelancing, and Book 3 moving from doldrums to full sail, things have been busy.
Admire this new website, courtesy of the wonderful Edel!

Reviews for The Shadow Saint are still coming in. I’ll do a full round-up soon, but they’ve generally been wonderfully positive. It made the Guardian again, which is pleasing to me (and would be even more pleasing to my late mother).

Over on twitter, I ran a little name-a-Guerdon-district thing. There are lots of great entries. Find them all here:

The winner, in the eyes of the random number generator, is

I’m doing a signing in Waterstones Cork in February. If you’re in Cork, please come along. I’ll also be at Warpcon, of course, this weekend.


More and much more to come!

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