Book 3 – still officially untitled – has been handed into my agent, and from his hands to Orbit. The only thing that moves more slowly than these strange days is the publishing industry, so it won’t be out in the world until January.

I don’t know what things will be like in January. Things certainly won’t be normal – I don’t think there will be anything like what we used to think of as normal ever again, because by the time we’ve got this situation under control, technology and culture and politics will have moved on. Then again, normal was something of an aberration anyway. Historically speaking, the last fifty years have been bloody weird.

I’ve been walking a lot – you’re not supposed to go more than two kilometres from home, but fortunately there’s plenty of space for walking down scenic country lanes here. In some vague attempt to chronicle this weird time, or to share this countryside with those stuck in other environments, I’ve been making wonderfully dull periscope videos of me walking along in silence with the dog.

Roleplaying work continues – I’ve written some pieces on gaming for kids, everyone’s frantically pivoting to video and online play. I’ve got a bunch of freelancing to finish off by the end of this month, and then it’s onto new projects.

Oh, my first Black Library story, Castle of the Exile, is out. Get it here! More in the works there, too. In the grim darkness of the far future there may be only war, but in the dull stay-at-homeness of the near future there’s plenty of writing to do…

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