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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

My kids watch a lot of youtube at the moment, and it’s fascinating to watch the lingo seep out of the internet. Years ago, when we first brought them to the cinema, they couldn’t understand why we couldn’t skip the ads.

THE GUTTER PRAYER hit 2,000 ratings over on goodreads this week, so in celebration, I’ve recorded a reading of the prologue of Book 3. This is still a draft, by the by – everything may change when it comes back from the first editorial pass, but I think the bones are there.

In other video news, I did a lovely chat with Matthew Ward for Orbit.

And in other other video news, I did a reading for the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club.

And – my word, it’s like we’re all locked in our houses – there’s YET more video stuff over on the Pelgrane channel.

4 thoughts on “Smash that subscribe button

  1. Hey
    What about your black iron legacy rpg? Is there any full-fledged rpg to be found in the ghoul tunnels?
    Eager for the third book.


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